Video Producer Consultation

MHM Turns On The Spotlight – Video Producer Consultation

Criterion was contacted by the IVC Filter Lawyers at Martin, Harding and Mazzoti LLP (MHM) for video producer consultation services on a 30 minute TV pilot called Community Spotlight. If you don’t know the heavy hitters, The law offices of Martin, Harding & Mazzotti, LLP specialize in personal injury lawsuits as a result of automobile accidents. The shoot was scheduled for 1 day at WRGB.

The idea behind Community Spotlight is to highlight people and organizations that support and help community. Throughout the years Martin, Harding & Mazzotti LLP (MHM) sponsors, and has initiated, many programs that benefit the community, such as The Free Cab Ride Program that gives people free cab rides during holiday times– and the free helmet program that provides bike helmets to kids. Community spotlight is another example of Martin Harding and Mazzotti’s (MHM) continued dedication to our community and we are glad we can help!

Boston harbor

Shipping Off To Boston

Boston Harbor Another Foundry Criterion team up for Uncommon Schools, this time in Boston. Uncommon Schools contacted The Foundry about shooting a short form documentary at one of the schools in their network. From there Jesse Matulis from The Foundry contacted Criterion and asked are you ready for an adventure? Our answer…YES! Using Airbnb to book the accommodations Jesse proclaimed we’d be staying on a houseboat. Unfortunately the sea was angry, like an old man returning soup at a deli (George Costnaza) and no fish were caught. It was all smooth sailing on the video shoot though. Criterion once again was proud to partner with The Foundry to deliver a high quality, informational and emotional video for Uncommon Schools.

A Video Grows in Brooklyn

Video Grows In Brooklyn

Jesse Matulis of The Foundry contacted Criterion looking for assistance to shoot a video of Uncommon Schools diversity conference. Uncommon Schools starts and manages outstanding urban charter public schools that close the achievement gap and prepare low-income students to graduate from college. From the title you could guess a road trip was needed to get to Brooklyn. Uncommon Schools has network of free public charter schools in Boston, Newark, Camden, Troy, Rochester, New York and, Brooklyn New York. Equipped with the proper tools for the job including the Canon C100 and Canon 5D we loaded into the Ford Transit and set off. The shoot was one day so the team set out early (no sleep till Brooklyn) and returned late. Criterion was extremely proud to work with The Foundry and Uncommon Schools and look forward to our next collaboration.