G43 Product Review Video

Product Review Video Glock G43 – NY Shooter Supply

NY Shooter Supply takes aim at the Glock G43

Tom Driscol manager of NY Shooter Supply contacted Criterion to shoot a product review video of the Glock 43. NY Shooter Supply is located in Albany NY aims to provide the law abiding citizens of New York State with quality ammunition and top-shelf shooting equipment. NY Shooter Supply goes to great lengths to offer affordable prices, and won’t rest until your expectations have been far exceeded!

This 2-day shoot required 1 day at Toms house and shooting range and 1 day in Criterion’s studio. Armed with Criterions new Sony A6000 video camera we set out to Tom’s house. Tom began firing the Glock 43 from different distances and at several targets. He then rated the gun on multiple levels and gave his personal review of the gun. A few days later we met at Criterions in house studio to complete the shoot. How did the Glock 43 perform? What’s Tom’s shooting range like? The video answers these questions and so much more!