Traumatic Brain Injury Resource

A New Resource for Brain Injury Sufferers

about traumatic brain injury trackerAt criterion Digital we strive to support organizations dedicated to improving the lives of those less fortunate. Recently we come across a novel app, TBI Tracker. TBI Tracker is a traumatic brain injury symptom tracker. The tracker allows brain injury sufferers (or their loved ones or caregivers) to track a number of the most common brain injury related symptoms and review their impact over time.  The developers believe that by providing the ability to track and review symptoms over time, users can share the information with their treating medical professionals and build a better plan for treatment. The best part, the app is free and open to everyone, you can get started tracking symptoms right away by registering at

long term care

Supporting the Ageing Population

We’ve recently been exploring the challenges confronting Baby Boomers as the realities of ageing parents sinks in. Our parents increased longevity presents opportunities and issues that must be confronted. Balancing work and home life while preparing for their retirement, they face financial, legal and health challenges, including care, and maintaining relationships, all of which require careful planning now to avoid crises in the future. As we continue to explore this reality we’ve come across many resources that we have found useful in this endeavor. One of the newest and most beneficial is the best nursing home comparison tool in our opinion.

With thousands of listings across the US and the ability for real user and family reviews it’s a great place to start your search for assisted living facilities near you.